What Is VA Home Foreclosure?

A VA home foreclosure is when the government takes back your house because you have defaulted in payments. When this happens, many people go into a state of shock and denial. However there are alternatives that should be looked into before you let your house get repossessed. As soon as you receive the notice you need to contact your lender right away to discuss what you can do to save your house. Do not just give up and panic, instead take action to help yourself.

First off, just what is a VA home loan? This is a special offer to help those who have served in the armed forces. Sometimes these veterans do not have enough money for a mortgage, so the government steps in to help them get a loan for their house. The government agency guarantees their loan. If for some reason the veterans default in their loan payment the government will take steps to repossess the house.

What can you do when you are faced with a VA home foreclosure? As mentioned, all is not lost because you receive a notice of repossession in the mail. You just have to act quickly to examine your options. Sometimes your financial problems are temporary. In this case your lender can work with you to get the monthly payments lowered and allow you to catch up. This will enable you to continue paying the mortgage and the lender can still get his payments, so it becomes a winning situation for both of you. Normally, your lender will be happy to work with you because if your house is repossessed the lender knows that they will lose money.

Is it possible to gain from VA home foreclosure? In a quick answer, yes you can.

You see, if you need a house, these repossessed properties may be just what you need. When the government takes the homes they are often stuck with them, especially with the glut of foreclosures in the marketplace, and will be forced to auction the house for a substantially smaller price than the current market value. This means that you can grab a house for 20 percent below appraised value. This helps many people with less income to get houses who might otherwise not have had a chance to get.

Before you go out and try to purchase a VA foreclosure home, you need to check the condition of the property. Often you will find these houses are run down and have quite a few repairs needed. You will need to get a proper inspection done to alert you to what needs to be done. Sometimes it is good to go through a real estate agent so that they can help you with this. Always try to assess the amount of money you will need to spend on repairs before you buy the house, as this can be quite costly and could end up costing you more than a new home that has not been foreclosed on.

If you decide to invest in a VA foreclosure home, just how do you go about finding one? First place to check would have to be the internet, because you can find a lot of different types of repossessed properties online. There are websites that provide lists of repossessed properties and some will even show pictures of the houses. This helps you to choose the one that will suit your needs.

If you seriously want to purchase a VA foreclosed home, the best thing is to contact a real estate agent that specializes in foreclosure properties. He will be familiar with all of the forms and red tape that needs to be filled out before you purchase a home.

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Source by Sydney Heiden

How Home Staging Can Breathe New Life Into the Home You’re Selling

One of the most important steps when readying your home for sale is home staging. Making simple changes to your home in preparation for potential buyers is essential to not only make your house more charming, but to also allow potential buyers to view your house as their house. Here are some simple tips on how to stage your home before selling.

Home staging can be simple and affordable. Re-lighting your house with brighter bulbs can add character and charm to a usually dark home. Light bulbs are cheap and readily available and can be purchased in bulk at wholesale stores if you plan on relighting your whole home. Potential buyers want to enter a well lit room, so consider their needs to view everything in the home by making this simple change.

Removing personal items such as pictures, diplomas, and other decorations can help neutralize your home at no cost to you. You want your potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home, so removing these personal items can help them visualize a life in their new home, not your former home. Neutrality is very important when selecting decor, so remember that your home isn’t about your likes and dislikes anymore, it’s about remaining neutral for your buyers.

Simple staging techniques can help you transform your home into a potential buyer’s home a little to no cost. A real estate agent can offer additional tips on home staging while catering to your budget. A neutral home can be inviting to buyers, so don’t allow your home to be over-personalized, because that could drive buyers away.

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Source by Sarah Reece

3 Quick & Easy Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

I had to fire a Seller; no matter how I delivered the suggestions as her real estate professional, she just would not listen. I was contacted by the Seller and asked if I would list her house. I knew from mutual associates this gal was pretty eccentric so I took on the challenge. Just so happened a home improvement show was filming in Denver at the time and looking for features. I sent the producer photos and a brief description of my Seller and her home. The producer called me within seconds of me firing off the email. Porcelain Chicken & Pink walls do not sell homes…

1) The Prospective New Buyer Loves to See “Light & Bright”, so clean and De-clutter Your Home A.S.A.P.: Remove your personality; place as many personal effects into boxes and bring them to storage. This will help to make it look bigger and cleaner. The Buyer will then be able to envision their own belongings & style in the home. Avoid using bright colors and too many personal effects.

2) Maintain Curb Appeal: Get your landscaping in shape. Weeds and dead grass take away from the home’s overall first impression. Buy some seed & feed, pull the weeds, trim the bushes and pick up the debris. Don’t just do this once, you have to stay on top of it and take care of the landscaping weekly.

3) Price it Right: Don’t just listen to your neighbors, you can’t estimate on what someone sold for on the block 3 years ago. You have to be realistic and logical; this is an area where emotion cannot become involved. http://www.Zillow.com is a good free website where you can get a good idea of value. Though not set in stone, you need to consider your amenities, square footage and location. Best advice is to be realistic and logical – put yourself in the Buyer’s frame of mind. Seriously, consider what you would pay for the property and keep in mind everyone can justify a purchase if they can perceive and justify the value. We all love a great deal…Right?

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Source by Kate O’Toole

How to Sell Home Fast With a Cash Property Buyer?

Are you planning to sell your home? If you are planning to sell your home then you must have already done a basic real estate survey. The current economic conditions are clearly reflected by the state of the real estate industry. With falling property values, difficulties to pay mortgages leading to foreclosure; this is definitely not a seller’s market.

In an economy that has been doing well most people would be able to sell home fast and that too for a price that meets their expectations. However, this is not the case in a recession hit economic scenario. You can decide to contact a real estate agent for selling your home. This is ideal if you have plenty of time in hand and do not have any problem waiting for months together until a good buyer comes by. A good buyer also means paying the real estate agent a hefty fees that he quotes.

Selling home fast may not be entirely possible through a real estate agent for those who are running against time. In the scenario of your banker waiting at your door for the mortgage payments, you wanting to relocate immediately or wanting to sell the house due to other commitments, you surely wish to have a deal that is quick and guaranteed. This is the main reason that more and more people today prefer to sell their home to cash property buyers.

Finding a cash property buyer has become so much easier with the internet opening up a world of opportunities. A simple search would provide you a list of cash property buyers who would be ready to get a free estimate for your home. You can get a free valuation and thus, this is going to be a deal where you make a big saving right from the beginning. With a cash property buyer you can make a saving on the legal fees too as all legal matters would be taken care of. However, it is important that you choose a cash property buyer who has a good track record. A reputed and reliable buyer will make it a smooth sale without any hassles or tensions whatsoever. The past records or performance is a clear indication of how trustworthy a company or individual cash buyer is. Make sure that you have your future plans clearly laid down, for with a cash buyer the offer may be made almost immediately and the deal closed in just a week. If you wish to rent back the home you must make it clear right from the beginning. With a good company, there is a lot of flexibility that you enjoy and you can be sure of a deal that is a winner all the way.

A good cash buyer would enter into a contract right away. The location of the property or the present condition are not of much concern. Make sure that you find a good cash buyer before you sign on the dotted line. With a reputed buyer by your side you can sell home fast and also have the entire cash at your disposal immediately. Make the right choice today!!

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Source by Jane Hopton

How To Set The Right Listing PRICE For Your Home

While there are many different theories, regarding how to best determine setting the listing price, of a home, most agree, there must be some philosophy, and reasons, followed! The most popular, and philosophically, best course of action, although often ignored, is pricing the house, right, from the start. This means, after a highly qualified, real estate professional, prepares a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), based on comparable properties that have recently sold, and considering the present competition, he will then adjust the Comparable property’s price, based on its comparison to the subject house (yours). For example, if it has an extra bathroom, you would deduct a factor when determining the best possible listing price, etc. There are those who follow, what I refer to as, The Ambitious Pricing model, where they price at the very top of the suggested pricing range. Some less – than – honorable, agents might lead someone to an unrealistically high listing price, which is often referred to, as trying to Buy the Listing. There are many other theories, as well. Let’s review the best way to set the right listing PRICE for your home.

1. Planning; perceptions; pricing; property: How will your house be marketed? Are there certain features which might make it extremely desirable, as compared with similar houses? What is the planning philosophy? Are there certain perceptions about the house, or area/ neighborhood, which might impact the price? Homeowners set the listing price, not the agent, and what you list it for, is far different from what it sells for! Pay attention to the CMA, so you set a logical price! Are there any positive, or detrimental characteristics about the property, itself?

2. Rooms: How many rooms are in the house? Especially consider the bedrooms, and baths, both in terms of number, as well as size and appeal! Might staging enhance its perceived value? Is the kitchen upgraded and updated, and does it have a special type of appeal, which buyers might favor? Look at size, shape, type, and condition of the rooms!

3. Inspection; inclusions: Since a buyer will hire an inspector, prior to purchase, have you considered doing so, first, and knowing what to expect/ anticipate? Are the inclusions adding value to the property? Will you be excluding any features?

4. Comparables; competitive; condition: How does the condition of your house compare to similar houses? Is there curb appeal, or is there anything which might turn buyers off? How does your home compare with the competition?

5. Exterior: Don’t forget about the outside/ exterior components? This includes curb – appeal, lawn, walkways, patios, driveways, etc, as well as the condition of the shingles, painting, roofing, etc. Factor these in, before you decide how to price!

There’s no magic formula for determining the PRICE of a house, because there are so many variables. Only the actual buyer, as well as the market conditions, will determine what that might end up being!

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Source by Richard Brody

How to Find a Good Realtor

In today’s market it is very important good realtor to represent you. In a marketplace overflowing with opportunity, tax benefits and variable values, proven experience, integrity, market awareness and outstanding communication skills are essential. No one can ignore qualities like that. Home purchases and sales are too important to place in the charge of inexperienced, unverified realtors.

Whether dealing with a commercial or residential Real estate transaction, the client should verify that the realtor is a associate in good standing with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). This membership assures the client of the realtor’s responsibility to educational programs and compliance with principles of ethical conduct and cooperation. The National Association of Realtors has been instrumental in increasing and implementing important ethical principles of conduct throughout the industry.

In addition to enrollment with the NAR, the realtor that can best locate and list for sale either residential or commercial Real estate will be a An associate of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is a regional marketplace that is designed to assure clients of highest exposure to existing Real estate and the cooperation of many other real estate Agencies. Whether buying or selling, clients must persist that the realtor be a member of the Realtor board.

It is essential to recognize that the term realtor refers to the agency itself. Realtors, or real estate brokers, keep agents that list, sell and lease real estate, on behalf of the realtor. However, the realtor is liable for the activity and conduct of its agents, the Firm’s marketing campaign and the interaction with other cooperating Firms. Selecting a proven and trustworthy realtor can maximize the sale of a property and assure the buyer of making an informed choice.

Real estate marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years. The industry has been impacted by the advent of enhanced MLS services that have made properties obtainable for review on the internet. A recent survey showed that almost 70% of residential Real estate investors began their search Online. In today’s Market, the greatest realtors have fine-tuned internet strategies, marketing plans and communication programs that keep their agents, their listings and their clients abreast of activity as it occurs.

Programs such as virtual tours and digital photography can do much to enhance the visibility of listings and can be Changed with the availability of aerial photographs, tax documents and copies of deeds and disclosure statements. Good realtors are capitalizing on the public’s Needs for internet access by creating web logs for listings, agents and related projects.

As eminent as the internet is to overall real estate marketing, it is imperative to choose a realtor with outstanding communication capabilities. There is no reason for a realtor to ignore a call or be oblivious of market activity as it happens. The finest Real estate agents understand the importance of being on top of the market at all times and are always accessible to their Buyers and sellers. With the cellphones systems, Clients will benefit from a relationship with a Real estate agent who is always at the Prepered.

Traditional real estate marketing activities, like signs, brochures, flyers, business cards and even Open Houses still have value in the marketplace. Skilled realtors incorporate these principles with Buidling websites and advertising online to increase exposure and facilitate the purchase and sale process.

Realtors need to know the current mortgage market as well.. Many of the finest agents have direct lines of access to Mortgage companies and programs. In today’s marketplace, clients should examine the realtor’s understanding and contacts to the financing arm of the industry. A realtor’s ability to connect Home purchasers and home sellers to suitable financing can have a big influence on a property’s marketability and can help bring transactions together easily.

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Tips For Finding A "Good" Real Estate Agent

There are a lot of good Real Estate Agents out there who really do care about the success of your transaction and they just happen to get paid for it, too. It is when Agents get greedy and put the money before the person that they start to go “bad.”

Unfortunately the bad guys have fostered a bit of a bad reputation on the group as a whole, leaving the good guys in a position to have to work extra hard to prove their goodness and worthiness of your business. A good agent never puts the money first and sincerely is motivated by being a part of putting you in your new home and the impact that has on you.

So how do you find that “good apple”? It starts with a phone call. You have found a house you would like to see while browsing a website or set your sights on a certain company for one reason or another. You call an agent from that company to show you a house. Upon that first meeting, scrutinize the agent as much as the house! First off, if he rubs you the wrong way, don’t call him again. I am completely against putting agents to work and not getting them paid, but this first meeting is a freebie. Further, you owe it to yourself to find someone that no only doesn’t repel you, but whose company you actually enjoy! You are potentially going to be spending a lot of time with this person so set yourself up for a pleasant experience. Call someone different each time until you find one who appeals to you.

The day you meet the guy who appeals to you, start asking questions. Conduct an interview. Your Realtor is the biggest asset you have in this huge step you are about to make. Ask how long he’s been selling houses, does he like it, what does he like about it, ask about the philosophy of his company, what kind of pets he has, whatever. There isn’t really any right or wrong answers in most cases, but the WAY he answers is what you’re gauging. Is there a trust forming? If so, this is probably your guy. Start sharing a little bit about yourself with him, and what you are trying to accomplish. If you feel he has a good understanding, compassion, and has some good ideas to move forward, let him start looking for the houses and be sure to call him again when you need help.

To take it a step further, you will really get your Agent to bend over backwards for you if you sign a buyer’s agency agreement with him. This tells him that you understand that you are his top priority and to show your appreciation you are going to work with him and only him and whether it takes you three weeks or three months to find you a house, when you buy a house he will get paid for his time and resources spent. Now you’ve got two parties, mutual respect and enjoyment, house shopping together, negotiating together, and meeting challenges together. You have found your “good apple” and paved the way to a happy, successful transaction.

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