Top Ten Finance Jobs – The Best Financial Jobs

If you’ve got no idea which finance job would suit you best, worry not we’ve compiled a list of ten of the most popular financial jobs.

Auditor – there are two types of financial auditors, internal and external. The principle difference between the two types is who the employer is. If you wanted to be an external you would be employed by one of the big city financial firms. While internal auditors normally work within the company. As a consequence only companies of a certain size can justify employing internal auditors.

Banking – there are dozens of branches on every high street in every town, and that’s only the frontline staff for customers. By the time you’ve factored in all the behinds the scenes staff and the people working at head offices, the scope jobs offered by banks is huge. As well established companies, they offer some great benefits for employees with reliable job security.

Underwriter– insurance is a dynamic and interesting sector to work in. Underwriters are ultimately responsible for working out how much your premium is. Whether its car, holiday, health or any other kind of insurance there are specialist underwriter jobs which can provide engaging job opportunities.

Private Equity – though hugely complex, those working in private equity usually work funding business start ups. Often they are looking for a portfolio of investments where the individual projects might be quite risky but collectively creates a rewarding investment. Private equity typically attracts two types of people, industry experts who are able to identify the companies that offer the best chance of proving successful and those with more of a financial background who are responsible for managing the portfolio and the investments.

Payroll – the most important person in any company is the person responsible for payroll, they make sure you get paid! The larger and more complex the structure of the company the more difficult the role becomes. A good understanding of payments as well as the various tax and pension laws is vital for anyone thinking of pursuing a career in payroll.

Accounts Assistant– for many people it’s difficult to know where to start when looking for a career in finance, especially if you have no specific qualifications or experience. An Accounts Assistant job may be an ideal opportunity. These entry level positions offers a chance to experience many of the different disciplines which are involved in finance, which may help you decide where you would like to specialise.

Credit Controller – Accounts Receivable is one of the most popular departments to work in within a busy account department. Credit controllers roles can vary enormously but normally they job is based around ensuring that invoices created by the company are paid in a timely manner.

Financial Director – When it comes the Finance the FD is the top dog. Of course the size company makes a huge difference, but whether it’s a SME or a FTSE 100 company FDs are normally in charge of everything financial in the company. With these positions comes great responsibility but usually the experience of FD enables them to carry out their roles with confidence.

Management Accountant – Of all the disciplines of accountancy management accounts is among the most popular, usually they focus more of forecasting the future than assessing the past like auditing.

Business Analyst – while you get many different kinds of business analysts specialising in different industries, there are a significant number of financial business analysts who fulfil a role not dis-similar to management accountants. They are given responsibility for analyzing the needs of their businesses customers and stakeholders to highlight financial business problems and suggest solutions.

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Stay in the Most Unusual Places in Germany

If you happen to be travelling across Western Europe, you might want to visit the more unusual places in Germany. Places like Propeller Island, Dachau concentration camp in Munich, or the Treptow crematorium in Berlin. You might also want to stay in a castle or two while you’re there.

Germany is rich in history from the grand castles of the Bavarian empire to the monuments arising after World War Two. It is full of things to see, places to visit, and food to eat. There are many unique places in Germany which could appeal to all sorts of people. There are also many activities to do while in the country from having a drink in the local beergartens to watching a photography show at a small hole in the wall gallery.

Anyone with a penchant for history or an appreciation for modern art would find Germany a very interesting country to explore. Going to the more unusual places would give you a different side of Germany, one that is not often seen on the usual tours. Most parks would also have sculptures of monuments commemorating a significant event or person.

Art enthusiasts might enjoy dropping by or even spending a night at Propeller Island in Berlin. There the entire interior of a room is a work of art. You might see anything from furniture bolted to the ceiling a bed made inside out or even beds that float off the ground! It would definitely by an experience. Propeller Island is guaranteed to be beyond the usual.

There are also a few modern art galleries to visit and local cinema to watch. If you like music perhaps you can ask some locals to recommend a jazz club or a concert hall for some local sounds and homegrown bands.

Those interested in history might find a tour of an authentic concentration camp in Dachau, Munich a very educational experience. It represents a part of the darkest period of Germany and humanity in modern history. These places often evoke strong emotions from visitors.

The German countryside is littered with beautiful castles, palaces, and gardens. They are an impressive view of the architectural magnificence dating around the end of the Bavarian kingdom. Some of these castles and palaces have been converted into museums or hotels. If you want to live like Royalty for a night perhaps you would like to take up brief residence in Schlosshotel Schnburg in Oberwesel. It is an authentic castle converted into a modernly equipped luxury hotel.

For those with a more, gothic taste, old cathedrals, the Treptow crematorium, and grand cemeteries might hold some interest. Cemeteries are definitely one of the most unusual places in Germany you can visit. You might find someone famous among the gravestones, like the memorial grave of Karl Marx, to provide some very memorable pictures.

The most unusual places in Germany often provides the most interesting and memorable experience of a country. It is an alternate itinerary to the customary tourist attractions and gives you a more authentic feel of the region.

It is always an experience to walk off the beaten path and discover unique places to create equally unique memories in. So when you find yourself in Germany, be sure to drop by at least one of the unusual places for an offbeat adventure.

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Real Estate Agents – Inspecting Commercial Property and Setting the Right Price

As a property agent inspecting commercial property for sale, it is essential to ask lots of questions of the owner before the listing is signed. The main focus should be to understand the big issues in and around the property that can impact the price or the target market. That can be those including the following:

  • Title and ownership of the property
  • Energy consumption and ratings
  • Environmental performances and threats
  • Heritage or Native title matters
  • Occupation arrangements and leases for the property
  • Permitted uses for the property and zoning related to the location
  • History of the property financially both in income and expenditure
  • Nature of the improvements on the property and the functionality
  • Occupancy areas and boundary surveys
  • Plant and machinery ownership
  • Car park capability and usage
  • Air conditioning functionality and availability
  • Services and amenities that serve the property
  • Usage of the property today and previous history
  • Precinct and neighbourhood factors that impact the property today
  • Legal matters outstanding or ongoing
  • Notices and orders over the property that are current or yet to be discharged
  • Access points and roads to the property
  • Redevelopment opportunities and any planning approvals
  • Tenant business detail and future rent reviews and options
  • Comparable properties in the area
  • Details of any previous or current marketing campaigns relative to the property

These critical points give you a base from which to price the property. Ideally full disclosure by the landlord or owner of the property should always be encouraged and then documented. It is surprising how your notes of landlord comments and meetings will be of great value in any later disputes or negotiations.

The price of a property today is a balance of current performance, future use, and income potential. Astute purchasers of commercial property will do an extensive due diligence process before property settlement. To prevent problems the real estate agent has to fully check the property detail before marketing commences so the property promotion, negotiation, and settlement is not compromised.

In many ways the commercial property promotion is built around the target market. All adverts, brochures, internet marketing, and direct mail should be focused on that target market, their needs, their thinking and their timing.

So the right way to inspect a commercial property today is with an eye for problems, performance, and location. Record keeping and a checklist similar to the above will help you hone in on the key factors of concern before you price the property. Never price a property until you have all the detail to hand.

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Buying Real Estate – Financial Facts To Remember

When you are going to buy real estate, there are certain points to keep in mind. We must know the financial facts of the real estate.

So, this time, we have come up with the details of financial facts regarding real estate.

There are first few steps that have to be taken care of.

You should get your credit report initially and make sure that it is error free.

You should be fast enough to get it before your lender gets it.

The next step is to become aware of your financial data.

Your bank account statement, last two years tax returns, paycheck stubs, any kind of investment etc are the things your lender will be interested to see.

The next things are the sources of your down payment.

The things that can help are, your savings, you can sell your old car or any other asset, you can receive a gift that is tax free or you can borrow against a life insurance policy.

If down payment is a problem even now, you can ask seller to help you. Generally sellers help through carry back a second mortgage. This decreases the amount of first mortgage.

If you are unable to get the loan in regular way, you need not be disappointed.

Some ‘Below Market Rate’ Programs can be a help for you. A very good option is provided by California’s housing and finance programs. This is also specially for home loan purpose. You can check the details on internet.

These were a few tips and facts about financial things you should take care when you buy a home.

We shall be coming with some more tips in our upcoming articles.

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