10 Additions For Improving An Apartment Building’s Value

Apartment buildings can be a major investment property, so they should be renovated periodically. Every well-planned renovation scheme can boost the establishment’s ROI. In this post, we’re giving you the ultimate dope on how to improve an apartment building’s value.

Sub-meter utilities

We’ve seen countless apartment buildings where tenants recklessly use utilities, such as gas, water, and electricity. After vetting a couple reports, we’ve noticed one recurring complaint from owners saying that tenants not pay heed to constantly running toilets if they aren’t paying for water. Which is why, every investment property, especially an apartment building, should introduce sub-metering-one of the biggest value-add activities. According to this value-add activity, tenants pay for a utility.

Dryers and washers

One of the most in-demand amenities that come with almost every rental apartment building, these days, is a washer-and-dryer system. So if a property owner is planning to add this specific amenity, the person should charge anywhere between $40 and $75 monthly.

LED lighting

If you happen to be a long-term buy-and-hold investor, then equipping a rental space with LED lighting is a complete no-brainier. That’s because LED lighting system eats little to no energy. Additionally, such a bulb even lasts for nearly 25 years-that is, you’re saving a lot of maintenance charges as well.

Vending machines

The income generated from a vending machine that’s standing inside a rental apartment can improve the property’s value. If you’re thinking of a couple places inside your apartment building where a vending machine can be put, then here’s our advice.

  • Use common areas, such as a parking area, gym, or pool, to place a snack-and-drink vending machine.
  • You can even use a couple other less frequented common areas, such as laundry rooms.

If property owners place a vending machine, they’ll receive a percentage of the income from the vending machine owners/companies.

Garage parking

Tenants can easily pay more if an owner starts charging for the additional storage space that serves as an ad hoc parking spot for them. By charging additionally for a garage area, property owners can make more money easily and quickly.

Prime parking

Always reserve prime parking spots in an apartment building’s garage for those who’re willing to pay a prime price. The front and center spots inside a garage come under prime parking spaces, so you can charge for them accordingly. Tenants generally prefer these special parking spots, so landlords can even put a symbol saying “Premium Parking Spots for Rent” to lure more renters.


This is pretty conventional, and many property owners trust this as a great way to add value to their apartment buildings. The renovations can encompass exterior, common areas, and interiors for increasing demands.

Trash pick-up solutions

If an investment property has a full-time maintenance guy, then the person can be used for picking up trashes too. Every resident hates to carry heavy trash bags to nearby dumpsters. That’s why renters usually look for someone who can haul such heavy, smelly trash bags-here comes a maintenance guy for their rescue. Property owners just need to find a person who’s willing to carry others’ dirty bags. Generally, such a person charges close to $20 per resident for one month, and many residents (renters) love this option.

Pet rents

If your tenants have pets and you aren’t charging, then you’re exactly missing out on a lot of additional income. In some areas, pet rents move as high as $100 per month.

Other service kickbacks

Some big-sized apartment building owners sign a contract with a cable or Internet service provider for supplying its services throughout the complex. For this task, the owners receive a small portion as a kickback whenever residents sign up for any of such particular services.

Because of these factors, it’s necessary for landlords to implement each of the tips to boost their apartment building’s value. Many of such great, workable tips can be accessed from the repository of every leading commercial mortgage lender.

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Source by Michael Anderson

Top 10 Tips For Buying Cheap Textbooks Online

Short of money? (Dumb question, I know). Trying to figure out how are you going to afford all the textbooks for your next term? Are you creating new economic theories to balance your scarce budget?

Then you are probably not taking advantage of the very best, more efficient way to get your textbooks cheap, and I mean really cheap.

Search and buy online. That’s it. That’s the secret. And to make sure you get the best value out of it, I’m giving you below the Top 10 Tips for buying textbooks online.

1. Buy early. Don’t wait for the first day of classes to go and find the books you need. That’s the moment when demand increases and, inevitably, prices increase with it. Textbooks sell fast and furiously over that short period of time and the effort required to get the best offers then is far greater than the effort necessary just a couple of weeks before.

If your college or university doesn’t supply the textbook lists in advance, don’t despair, contact former students from the course you want to take, or even the professors themselves, and ask them for the books you should buy. That little extra effort will certainly be worth your while.

2. Buy used. Secondhand textbooks are cheaper. That’s an undeniable fact. It is not unusual to find savings in excess of $50 against list prices.

3. Consider older editions. Often times, books on classical physics, chemistry or biology remain virtually the same for years. If you are willing to use older editions you could find books for as little as $1. Not sure if the International Edition will cut it? Contact your course tutor and ask. Chances are he’ll even recommend an older book.

4. International Editions. An International Edition is a textbook that has been published outside the US and Canada and is meant to be purchased and used outside the US and Canada. International Editions are generally drastically cheaper than their American/Canadian counterparts. Here’s the catch, the publishers of International Editions generally do not authorize the sale and distribution of International Editions in the United States and Canada and such sale or distribution may violate copyrights and trademarks of the publishers of such works.

5. Use the ISBN number to boost the effectiveness of your searches. Every book published since 1970 has a unique ISBN, using it instead of the author and/or title will make your searches faster and 100% accurate.

6. Free shipping. Look for free shipping sellers when you are shopping around. Even though shipping within the US is generally under $4, or perhaps because of it, more and more sellers are keen to offer free shipping to potential customers in order to convert them into customers. This translates approximately as an additional 10% discount off a $40 book or 5% discount off an $80 one.

7. Shop around. I know you know that already, anyway, let me say it again, just in case you just landed on Earth from another planet 10 minutes ago. Compare prices from, at least, three different sellers before you make up your mind. If you want to compare online booksellers, you can go to Bookfinder.com. In order to compare thousands of booksellers around the world you can go to Abebooks.com the world’s largest marketplace for books.

8. Buy local. Check where the bookseller you are buying from is located before closing the deal. The nearer the better as shipping cost goes down, the planet is happier and greener and your community will certainly appreciate the extra business.

9. Sell back your old textbooks after you are finished with them. Chances are the same online bookseller that you bought your books from is willing to buy them back, just go to their site and look for their buyback program. Generally, shipping the books is free and payment is immediate upon reception. This one sells itself, doesn’t it?

10. Treat your textbooks well. Don’t use them as umbrellas or to kill that gigantic spider that appeared from nowhere inside the bathtub. Don’t write the name of your love interest all over it alongside little hearts and don’t use it as a canvas when you feel that artistic urge. Remember, you might want to sell them later and the better the condition of the book the more money you receive for it.

Follow these tips and I guarantee you will find more money in your pockets, more time in your hands and, of course, the satisfaction of having joined the 21st century, at last.

Buy online, you’ll never go back.

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Source by Fernando Bessega

Choosing a Realtor – Tips to Help You Choose a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Having a Hard Time Choosing a Realtor?

Choosing a Realtor when selling a house can get confusing and difficult especially taking into account the fact that there seems to be as many real estate agents trying to get your business as there are houses. Okay that may not be at all true but you get the picture.

There will be so many real estate agents promising you the stars whilst charging fees that vary wildly. One has to learn to pick the best one that not only will find you the buyer who is willing to purchase your house at the best price but also the one whom you can trust and work well with.

Follow These Tips to Choose a Realtor That Is Right For You

Always Ask For References – Don’t be so confident about your ability to judge a person’s character. If the agent is really good then ask him or her for references on recent sales. Contact those references and let them narrate to you their experience with the agent. Chances are if there are negative reviews, comments, or complaints about the Realtor then you would know about it soon enough. 

Cheaper Is Not Always Better – Do not always go for the real estate agent who charges the lowest commission. Realtors and real estate companies often shoulder the cost of listing and marketing your house to potential buyers. A huge pay-cut in commission may mean at the very least a listing in the open market but very little assistance and effort from the agent beyond that. Also, a relatively higher incentive will motivate your agent to drop everything and hurdle any challenges that may come his or her way. Simply put, you will get what you pay for.

Benefits Of Choosing Wisely – Another thing to consider is that in a selling transaction two real estate agents are often involved in every sale. Often times, it is a practice by the real estate agents to cede fees to the buyer’s agent. If commissions for your agent is tight then he or she might not be willing to cede fees to buyers’ agent thereby decreasing the chances of a completed sale.

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Source by Andrea D Johnson

Essential Real Estate Agent Qualities: Integrity, And Fiduciary Responsibilities

In many areas/ regions of this country, a homeowner, has many choices, in terms of selecting, the right, real estate agent, to serve his best interests, etc. Obviously, since for most of us, our house represents our single – largest financial asset, and this decision, may have a strong impact, on the potential results, one should take this process, extremely seriously, and take the time, and effort, to ensure, selecting the best representation, for your purposes. While, it might be possible, to effectively, train, and develop, agents, so they learn the necessary skills, etc, and, a motivated individual, via a combination of skills, and developed judgment/ wisdom, one’s basic quality of character, must be strongly considered, because while anyone might be able to handle the other needed actions, etc, only the rare person, will maintain absolute integrity, especially when an easier path, might be available. This must also include, that individually, seriously commit, to their legal and ethical responsibility, and duty, to honor, and protect, his client’s fiduciary privacy, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, and discuss, some of what, this encompasses.

1. What are some of an agent’s fiduciary responsibilities?: Real estate agents, are, legally and ethically, bound, to honor and protect, his client’s financial information, and anything, which might affect, and impact, their potential results! For example, while the homeowner, might have personal reasons, which might direct him, towards needing to sell his house, such as financial reversals, etc, letting potential home buyers, know these, might result in these individuals, seeking better terms, including lower offers, etc. In addition, for example, if, your client, has already committed to purchasing a new home, and selling the existing one, is needed, for completing that transaction, disclosing this confidential information, potentially, might be detrimental to your client. Since real estate agents, get paid on a commission – basis, and only are compensated, after a successful transaction, some might be tempted to take some short – cuts, and might disclose certain information, believing it may, create offers. Understand, doing so, is neither legal or ethical, but, the reality is, it is sometimes, done, anyway!

2. Integrity and disclosure: One must balance their allegiance to their client, with their legal obligation, to disclose any material issues/ faults, which might affect any potential buyer! No one should proceed, with anything less than absolute integrity, while balancing this, with the duties and responsibilities, he owes, to his client.

Carefully select the real estate agent, you will hire, based on many factors, but, listen carefully, and closely examine, the individual’s essential quality of character! You owe it, to yourself, to receive the finest representation!

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koziol BRIQ Hocker, Thermoplastischer Kunststoff, solid himbeer rot, 42.8 x 40.6 x 41.6 cm

koziol BRIQ Hocker, Thermoplastischer Kunststoff, solid himbeer rot, 42.8 x 40.6 x 41.6 cm

Jetzt kaufen

Die große Sitzfläche macht Briq zum äußerst bequemen Möbelstück und durch die quadratische Grundform ist der Hocker überdies sehr standfest und stabil. Natürlich können nicht nur Sie selbst sich darauf niederlassen, sondern ebenso einer Pflanze einen dekorativen Platz auf ihm gönnen, ihn als Beistelltisch neben dem Lese-Sessel oder dem Liegestuhl benutzen – und schließlich, weil er so schön stabil ist, dürfen auch die lieben Kleinen draufklettern!

– ausgezeichnet mit dem Designpreis Form 2009
– In- und Outdoor gleichermaßen gut geeignet
– in diversen Pep-Farben erhältlich
– stapelbar

Bric, die Hocker – als Allroundtalent für Haus und Garten unentbehrlich.standfest und stabil, bis 150 kg Belastung
für drinnen und draußen, stapelbar
auch als Beistelltisch oder Container einsetzbar
Hergestellt in Deutschland
Design: koziol Werksdesign, Erbach

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Understanding Short Selling in the Forex Market

There are many reasons why investors are unaware of or uncomfortable with short selling. One major reason is because it is counter intuitive. It makes more sense and is more intuitive for people to buy something, hold on to it, and then sell it at a higher price. You buy a stock at $2, hold onto it for 6 months, and then sell it for $3. Let’s take an example, you buy a house, you live in it, and then you sell it to buy another house. You can buy a house for investment, and you can rent it out to help pay for the mortgage. You don’t live there, but you still own the house. In all of these examples, you buy something, you own it, and then you sell it.

In short selling, you are selling something that you don’t own. It is counter intuitive because you can’t go around your neighborhood and sell a house that you don’t own. Hence, short selling does not make a lot of sense to people. Don’t worry, the next example will ease you slowly into the concept.

It is midnight, you are out of milk, and your kid is crying. You run over to your neighbor’s and ask to borrow a jug of milk. It happens that your neighbor just bought a jug of milk for $5, but he refuses to take your money. Instead, he tells you to buy him another jug of milk later, and you will be even. The next day, you go to the supermarket and the jug of milk is on sale for $3. You buy the jug of milk and return it to your neighbor and save yourself $2 in the process. Basically, you consumed the milk (an asset that isn’t own by you), and then you delivered an identical milk back to your neighbor at a later time. This is the concept of short selling. A short sale is the sale of a security that isn’t owned by the seller, but that is promised to be delivered.

Say you don’t think that Nortel Networks’ share price should be at $120 per share because the company is not profitable. You can borrow 10 shares from your stockbroker, and sell them for a gain of $1,200. When the stock price drops to $70, you buy back the 10 Nortel shares at $700, and return them to your broker. You borrowed 10 shares from your broker, and then you returned 10 shares, pocketing $500 in the process. If the price of the stock rises, though, you have to buy it back at a higher price, and you lose money.

In Forex trading, you can make money in both up and down markets if you are able to anticipate the up and down trends in the market. If you believe that the currency pair is going up, you buy at the low price and then sell at the high price. Alternatively, if you believe that the currency pair is going down, you sell at the high price and then buy at the low price to recover. In real time Forex trading, the rates of the currencies can change at any time. For instance, the quotes accessible for a specific currency pair can move upwards or fall down within a blink of an eye. This forces the investors to be extremely flexible and to go with the trend. Whereas, in the stock market a bull run can last as long as several years; hence, it is difficult to switch your thinking from a bull to a bear market.

Even though you have tools of short selling and long buying to in the foreign currency market, Forex trading is extremely difficult to master and more than 95% of traders lose their money. Understand that any method or software that boasts a 300% return on investment will also contain a minus 300% drawdown. Ask the right questions before purchasing or renting any currency trading software.

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Source by Winsor Hoang

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