How to Sell a Home in Today’s Economy

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Selling a home in today’s economy can be rather challenging. Selling a home because you have to or you want to can take a lot of timing and planning. So, what can you do to make your home sell quickly? Follow these five basic tips from Davis Window Cleaning and you will have your home sold in no time.

1. De-clutter- When buying a home, you want to imagine your things in it, and you want to see ample storage. For you, the seller, you need to remove all personal belongings, this includes pictures, anything that has personalized the home for you. Next, you want to remove 1/3 of items from your closets, cabinets, storage, etc. Finally, remove clutter from all surfaces, magnets, anything that would clutter the space.

2. Stage- Allow the buyers to walkthrough your home, build a floor plan for each room that shows how much space there is in your home. Decorate simply that would appeal to all buyers. Remove all extra furnishings that do not have a place or fit. Make sure all rooms run together smoothly. Professional companies, like Davis Window Cleaning, can help by giving you a combination staging and cleaning package.

3. Exterior- Make sure your landscaping is up to date, paint your door and siding if needed, updated your hardware, decorated porch/patio, have a walkway to your front door, and hired a landscaper if needed.

4. Paint and Repair- update each room with a neutral paint color, not white and make repairs to each room in your home look nice and up to date. In the bedrooms you might replace that worn carpeting, or in the kitchen and bathrooms, updated your cabinets with new knobs and replaced your lighting. Also, think about repairs that make your house look bad, like the broken door knob and things of that nature.

5. Cleaning- after you have made all the changes to your home, this is the most important step. If you do not do this, your home will not sell, at least, not for the price you are asking. Hire a professional cleaner like Davis Window Cleaning to come in and clean your home including windows, gutters, exterior, interior, flooring, and carpeting to make your home shine. Doing this yourself not only takes up time, but does not give you the professional cleaning that is needed when you are selling your home. You will need to complete daily upkeep and we recommend having someone come back on a weekly basis while selling your home to keep in looking professionally clean.

Davis Window Cleaning is a residential and commercial cleaning company based out of Clyde, NC. We provide cleaning services to Western, NC and Eastern, TN. We offer 20% off to new customers as well as 5% off any quote lower than ours.

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